The TPA Dispatching team will monitor and coordinate the movements of your trucks and freight. We use the latest technology to maintain your detailed freight records, activity logs, and financial documentation for your truck loads.

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Are you interested in learning about Dispatch, Logistics and Trucking industry? Are you considering starting your own home-based transportation business and tapping into the $700-billion-dollar industry? Not sure where to start?

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Owner / Operators

Need assistance keeping your truck loaded? TPA Dispatching services will help you find loads, negotiate rates, and take care of paperwork. Not all dispatchers provide the same services, so make sure you understand exactly what’s being offered before you sign a contract.

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Why TPA Dispatch?

There are several advantages to using TPA Dispatching service compared to hiring someone to work for your company.

Obviously, $30k-$50k for the average salary of a full time dispatcher is too much for an owner operator and even for some small fleets to take on. There’s also the risk of hiring a bad dispatcher and being stuck with them.

With an independent dispatcher, the financial risk is reduced because you’ll typically only pay a flat rate or a percentage of each load. If the dispatchers don’t book anything, you don’t pay.


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You save time & money with TPA Dispatch Services. It’s that simple.